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Why fish from aquaponic systems are healthy?

As recommended by the American Heart Association an average person should consume fish at least twice a week. This is because fish are a rich source of all the essential minerals and vitamins needed for the human body. The global per capita fish consumption has doubled since 1960. And it is evident that the drastic growth in the population has increased the discharge of toxic waste in oceans and rivers.

Consuming fish that come from these deeply polluted water bodies can have adverse health effects. The only way to address the growing demand and feed healthy fish is to adopt to Recirculatory Aquaculture Systems (RAS). This method of growing fish ensures that they are free of any infections or harmful waste and hence eliminating the need for antibiotics. Aquaculture is the method of growing healthy fish through controlled and sustainable farming. And aquaponics done by Aquathota is a next-generation evolution of aquaculture that involves growing of fresh greens along with fish. The fish grown in Aquathota is completely free of any chemicals or growth hormones that are infused to fasten the growth of the fish.

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Our Story

Fishing, as a business is as old as humankind. One of the first things we learned was to catch a fish, burn it and eat it. However, with time and age people have adapted to the art of culinary science and made eating fish quite a revolutionary act! In today’s day and age, the first thing we consider before savouring delicious catches are its quality and source. We want to make sure, we consume healthy and organic food all the time. Keeping this thought in mind, we thought we will cultivate fish professionally using the latest technology(RAS), and let you enjoy the full health benefits of them. We are proud to have served lots of happy customers in Bangalore who love the incredible taste and enjoy the fresh and chemical-free fish.

We care for you and believe that your family deserves the best. That is why we give you the fish that is handpicked, responsibly farmed, has a traceable source, and is safe with uncompromised freshness and quality. We don’t sell fish that is frozen or iced, nor use any preservatives or chemicals.

How it Works

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fresh fish home delivery bangalore

Anytime you plan for a fish meal, remember AquaThota. Here is how!

Your fish is harvested only after you tell our attendants at the farm. This allows us to offer high quality unfrozen nutritious fish to our customers without the usage of any preservatives. Studies have shown that the fish sourced from lakes, rivers and seas have been found with a high amount of toxins in it due to the large scale pollution with industrial chemicals and sewage. High mercury content has been found in fish among various other harmful chemicals which have a host of harmful effects on the human body.
We are more than delighted to bring transparency to our customers in terms of how we grow our fish and by providing our customers with an opportunity to witness the first-hand life cycle management of a fish until it is caught, cut and cleaned.